About us

After serving 3 generations of New Yorkers, globetrotters and celebrities with 6 high fashion boutiques in Manhattan –  NEW YORK LOOK just launched its long-awaited online store.

Masoud Arabian, founder and visionary of NEW YORK LOOK transformed the look and lives of thousands of women around the world with his unparalleled customer service, passion, commitment, and eye for detail, is now bringing his expertise to the online fashion world.

Just as in his Manhattan stores- the online fashion marketplace, www.newyorklook.com, features the world's premier fashion designers, establishing the ultimate wardrobe playground for his sophisticated, fashion clientele, in search of that NEW YORK LOOK.  Now “the look” is offered to style-savvy women all over the world through the convenience of technology, whenever she needs to shop.

“Creating a NEW YORK LOOK is essential - INVESTMENT WARDROBING - I want to offer each woman the perfect fit and designer combination for every occasion. My secret to success has always been customer loyalty and transforming them to “the best-dressed woman”; a woman of elegant confidence”, a revelation passed from generation to generation.” -      Masoud Arabian